Overview of Safety Characteristics of Film-coated Rubber Plug Film

Overview of Safety Characteristics of Film-coated Rubber Plug Films Time:2014-11-25 15:55:24  from:China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association [China] Nearly 10 years after the elimination of natural rubber plugs in 2005, the pharmaceutical rubber plug industry in China has made considerable progress and made due contributions to the pharmaceutical industry. The variety of medicinal rubber stoppers has also changed greatly, from the original halogenated butyl rubber stoppers to the present film-covered rubber stoppers. Although Chinese medicinal rubber plugs, especially film-covered rubber plugs, have made great progress in recent years, they still face some practical difficulties in actual production, declaration and use. In order to satisfy the safety of rubber plugs and film-covered materials, and make the varieties of film-covered rubber plugs develop healthily, so as to meet the actual needs of the domestic drug market, the application of film-covered rubber plugs and the safety characteristics of film materials are summarized. I. The Concept of Film-covered Rubber Plug Film-covered rubber stoppers refer to the products of rubber stoppers, such as fluorine-coated rubber stoppers, which have a strong layer, such as ldquo, film-coated rubber stoppers, on the contact surface between rubber stoppers (bare stoppers) and drugs. The rubber plug formed by dipping and spraying technology can

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