Cooperation Together for Production of COVID-19 Vaccines

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As the Chinese New Year approaches, the production of the COVID-19 vaccines is of great urgency, and its packaging needs to keep up with the pace in order to prevent the outbreak.On December 31th, 2020, the first COVID-19 vaccine was approved to be marketed in China with conditions. A number of other COVID-19 vaccine have also been carried out phase III clinical trials in overseas countries, and the research and development of the vaccine has entered the sprint phase and is ready for mass production.
As a pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer, Sheng Zou Pharmaceutical Packaging & Device Technology (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ShengZou Group”) uses ExxPro ™ special elastomers to produce rubber products, which have already registered and applied to the packaging of the COVID-19 vaccines, and are widely used in sterile powder, freeze-dried, injection, pre-filled syringe and other pharmaceutical packaging materials. Shengzou Group has entered into a long-term contract with ExxonMobil Chemical, the supplier of ExxPro special elastomer raw materials, by cooperating with ExxonMobil Chemicals providing a steady supply of consistent quality raw materials, to assist the packaging production of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Established in 1970, Shengzou Group has been engaged in pharmaceutical packaging materials for more than 51 years and has a number of subsidiaries producing pharmaceutical packaging materials related products. Current market demands include medicinal butyl rubber stoppers (for powder injection, freeze dried, fluid infusion, biological agent, oral liquid, etc.), and medical equipment-related rubber and plastic products like syringe plunger seals, IV injection discs.
Under the circumstance of the global epidemic of COVID-19 in 2020, Shengzou Group actively cooperated with many domestic pharmaceutical enterprises to assist the research and development of COVID-19 vaccines. In order to meet the requirements of high cleanliness and drug compatibility of the COVID-19 vaccine, Shengzou Group finally selected ExxPro speciality elastomers from ExxonMobil Chemical as the raw material of the rubber stoppers after analyzing the physical properties, chemical properties and product extracts, and was successfully authorized by its customer (Anhui Zhifei Longcom Biopharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.) as the rubber stopper supplier of the COVID-19 vaccines. In other countries and regions outside China, such as Taiwan, Indonesia, and the USA, more than 8 pharmaceutical companies producing vaccines have cooperated with Shengzou Group, and currently the clinical trial phase II-III is being successively carried out.
ExxPro Speciality Elastomers and Brominated Butyl Rubber StopperComparison Table of Physical Properties
ExxPro Speciality Elastomers and Brominated Butyl Rubber StopperAnalysis Results of Possible Extract in Six Extracts
*Data Resource: R&D LAB of SHENGZOU GROUP
ExxonMobil Chemical’s ExxPro ™ Speciality Elastomers are ideal for bottle stoppers and seals, Ideal for sensitive drugs and other demanding applications, Exxpro specialty elastomers are a super-clean solution and cost-effective alternative to expensive coated stoppers, which can meet the increasingly strict pharmaceutical packaging requirements.ExxPro speciality elastomers offer lower permeability, better ozone, chemical, weather and heat resistance, as well as superior stability against gamma irradiation.
We, Shengzou Group, have been actively engaged in anti-COVID research and development. Through continuous innovation and even through the cooperation with ExxonMobil Chemical, our products passed the certification for the COVID-19 vaccines, we have made our modest efforts but also undertaken the social responsibility of the enterprise.————-    Mr.Zhushun Chao    President of Shengzou Group
Shengzou Group’s innovative concept and social responsibility coincide with ours. We are glad that we can indirectly participate in the fight against the coronavirus and contribute through the excellent performance of the product. We will cooperate whole heartedly, and go forward together.—————  Mrs.Cuiqin Fan  Global Marketing DirectorExxonMobil Chemical Butyl Rubber & Elastomers Division